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Customer Service Article
I Just Don't Get It!

Al Borowski, MEd, CSP, PP

Customer service. Two simple words! Customer...Service.

I just don’t get why so many people just don’t get it.

What is so difficult about delivering outstanding Customer Service?

I’d be overwhelmed with just good customer service, or, as I prefer to call it, Customer Care.

Many companies offer programs to acquaint employees with the concepts and benefits of treating customers like they are the most important people in the world.

But, after all the training and education are in place, Customer Care still resides  in the hearts, heads, and spirits of the employees responsible for making customers loyal.

Customer Care is an attitude. As one of my former sales managers constantly reminded me, “You gotta wanna.”

To deliver outstanding Customer Care, you must feel and believe that treating customers properly is your most important responsibility.

For some reason (or reasons), that message is not sticking with most employees.

I believe many people are mistaking excuses for reasons.

Yes, we are all under pressure. We have to work longer and harder for less
money. And the money we do get paid is sucked up by taxes, medical coverage,  house payments and those monthly bills for the dog’s psychiatrist.

Those are excuses, not reasons.

Yes, the sales people over-promise and production under-delivers. Yes, our phone and computer systems are behind the curve and our bosses don’t listen to us.

Those are excuses, not reasons.

For reasons, we need to look inside ourselves and ask the critical question.

“Would I be pleasantly surprised and more than a little appreciative of the
service I just gave that customer?”

“How would I feel if I just paid a company a portion of my money and they
treated me like I wasn’t even there?”

Smiling takes as must energy and thought as frowning, scowling or snickering.

It’s really not that tough to adopt an attitude of Positivity and Politeness.

Our parents taught us to say, “Please” and “Thank you.” Those phrases still carry a lot of power and importance.

Just imagine that someone treated you like you were a celebrity when you
bought a product or service from them. How would you feel?

Now the trick is to pass that feeling on. Make it a goal to make one person feel positively overwhelmed by your outstanding caring and service.

Then pass along that outstanding feeling to two people a day and then three.

Soon, you will become pleasantly surprised at how really easy doing that
becomes. And you will start to see a change in the attitude of the people you are serving. They are treating you with respect and caring.

Your attitude and approach to your customers will have you smiling and feeling good because you notice you’re a lot happier and your job is becoming more enjoyable.

Get it? You won’t get it if your customers don’t get it.

“It” is that feeling of pride and satisfaction and joy when customers and
service providers are in harmony.

A classic Jimmy Durante song said, “Make Someone Happy.”

What a tremendous concept!

What a tremendous goal!

What a tremendous feeling!

If your attitude is to “Make someone happy,” and you do that often enough, your attitude will become a habit.

Sooner or later, that habit will be rewarded manifold. And that will make you happy.

Let me put this another way.

If someone asks one of your customers to comment on your customer service, do you want the answer to be, "I just don't get it?"

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