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Customer Service Article

Putting the "Custom" Back in Customer Service
Al Borowski, MEd, CSP, PP

One area that separates exceptional Customer Care Consultants
from average customer service representatives is the
understanding of the origins of the word "customer."

Exceptional Customer Care Consultants know that the word
"customer" comes from the word "custom." The word 'custom" has
several different fascinating definitions. One of the definitions
is that a custom is a "habitual practice" or "the usual way of
acting in given circumstances."

Another definition is that a "custom" is a "long continued habit
which is so established that it has the force of law."

For customers to buy from your company as a "habitual practice"
or as the "usual way of acting in given circumstances," customers
need to become accustomed to being treated the way they want to
be treated.

Simply put, customers will make a habit of buying from you if you
make the process and the experience absolutely delightful to
them. If you make the process easy, quick and comfortable, the
customers will become more inclined to use your product or
services again and again.

If you make buying from you a pleasant, personalized experience,
customers will remember the special effort you took to make them
feel special.

Let's look at the concept of "custom" another way. The last two
paragraphs talked about making the "buying" activity delightful
to the customers.

The service after-the-sale also needs to encourage customers to
want to return.

Product or service problems seldom rank high on the list of
anyone's favorite sales tools. But, if you provide exceptional
service when customers have questions, concerns or problems with
your product or service, you increase the chances customers will
buy from you "habitually."

I believe absolutely delighted customers are your best form of
advertising. Take advantage of your expertise as a Customer Care
Consultant to help reduce marketing costs by always focusing on
turning "people who buy from you" into "customers."

Reducing those marketing costs could mean more money in the
corporate pot that could be spent on better technology, more
training or more comfortable and pleasant working environments.
It could also increase the chances for bigger raises more often.

Also, contributing to cost-cutting by providing outstanding
Customer Care carries with it a sense of the Pride.

The more you provide outstanding Customer Care, the more doing so
becomes a "habit" for you.

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