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"Thanks for making me look so good! You did your 'homework' and learned our business.

Again Al, thank you for your contribution to our annual meeting. I'm sincere when I say that you were instrumental in making this year's meeting one of the most informative, successful, and memorable meetings we've ever had."

Loren P. Michalski, Controller, Memphis Laboratory, Alpha
Therapeutic Corporation

"Even our training room gets a higher rating when you teach."

Kathy Weigand,
Executive Secretary, Dick Corporation

"As we expected, your listening skills presentation hit the mark perfectly...the participants gained so much from your presentation
and are still talking about it weeks later. Certainly, you left
an impression on the group that was very positive."

David Kozak, Ph.D., Director,
Leadership Erie

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Learning the true meaning of and the proper e-mail etiquette for using “CC” and “BCC” or “Cc” and “Bcc” can save you a lot of time, effort and embarrassment.

Time-saving E-mail Tip

You can save time and create more effective e-mails with a few settings available in your e-mail system.


First, if you haven't already done so, set your e-mail package to

automatically spell check your message before it goes out. And, set it to suggest replacements for misspelled words.


Doing so allows you to take advantage of the full capability of this software feature.


But that's not the best part! [ more... ]

The Next Email You Send Could Cost You Dearly
E-mail is quickly becoming one of the bigger drains on corporate productivity and profitability. More specifically, the ineffective, improper and incorrect use of employee e-mail on company computers exposes organizations to wasted time, bad press and the possibility of legal action from seemingly innocent forms of electronic communication. [ more... ]

The Proper Use of Voice Mail and E-mail Promotes Customer Service
You can improve your image, get better results and save time by following a couple of simple ideas when contacting customers via e-mail or voice mail. [ more... ]

Beware the Red Pen Power Rangers
A collective body of non-knowledge exists in American business.
This body of non-knowledge has become the exclusive domain of a self-appointed group I call the Red Pen Power Rangers. The Red Pen Power Rangers sprung up to protect a collection of non-truths, myths, and academic hearsay.
[ more... ]

Your Business Writing Should Match Your Personality
Many times, dealing with employees or customers requires you to follow up in writing or e-mail. But, many times the personality you have projected over the phone or in person to this same audience becomes lost when you create letters, memos or reports. [ more... ]

Effective Listening Requires Specific Strategies
Listening does not take place in the ears. Hearing takes place in
the ears. Listening takes place between the ears. WE LISTEN WITH OUR HEADS. Animals hear; people listen.
 [ more... ]

Agreeable Disagreeing
Supervisors, managers, and executives increase their value and credibility when they keep their messages, comments and responses positive. [ more... ]

Putting the "Custom" Back in Customer
One area that separates exceptional Customer Care Consultants
from average customer service representatives is the
understanding of the origins of the word "customer."
 [ more... ]

Training Leaders to Train
Manager, supervisors and staff people earn their jobs and titles by the knowledge, wisdom, and experience they bring to the job. Many times, they are called on to share that information by training the people that work for them or with them.  [ more... ]

Are your communications skills and your customer service skills missing the two most important words in any language?

I learned the value of good customer service through an incident in which those words were miserably missing.

One evening, I decided to go hit a bucket of golf balls. I wanted to test out a new driver and three wood I had recently purchased.
[ more... ]

I Just Don't Get It
I just don’t get why so many people just don’t get it.  What is so difficult about delivering outstanding Customer Service?  I’d be overwhelmed with just good customer service, or, as I prefer to call it, Customer Care.   [ more... ]



Effective communication skills should focus on avoiding miscommunication.

Miscommunication is a common problem in both your business and personal life. Thus, good communication skills should become a priority to avoid embarrassing mistakes.

In the business world, miscommunication can range from a simple misunderstanding to downright deceptive advertising.

Customer Care Prayer
Lord, I beg you, give me strength
With certain customers who talk at length.
Give me patience and the common sense
To listen while the customer vents.
[ more... ]


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