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Advanced Presentation Skills

25 Parts of Presenter Planning

Proper planning produces powerful, polished and professional business presentations. Go beyond "Presentation Skills 101."

Learn the secrets professional presenters use to help their audiences understand, remember and act on the message of the presentation. This presentation shows you ideas, strategies and techniques to help you connect with your audience. If you connect with your audience, they will remember.

Learn 25 planning steps you must consider before you begin your presentation.

And, you will receive a checklist of these planning steps that you can use every time you plan a new presentation or get ready to repeat a presentation you have already given.

If you are planning to give a five minute presentation to a small group or present to a large group at a company meeting or conference, this check list will save you time, build your confidence and help you make an impact.

If you do not know and use these 25 steps, you are cheating yourself and you're cheating your audience.

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The Communication Skills involved in sales, telephone skills, customer service, presentation skillswriting business letters, listening skills, effective email  and training the trainer come together when Al Borowski helps you Connect All The Dots. Al's high energy, content-rich, fun-filled presentations help business professionals get the complete picture when they speak, listen or write.

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Communications Skills

90 minute to three hour sessions

Add value to your convention, conference or meeting. These educational components will provide practical learning experiences with immediate application back at work.

Each session is a highly interactive skill building work out that makes learning and practice easy and fun. Each presentation includes a custom designed handout that participants can take back to their work place and display in their work area as a reminder of the techniques they learned.


Advanced presentaion skills training from a CSP

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