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"Thank you for the terrific business writing class.

Many individuals in the class commented on your wit and ability to present the subject in a clear and understandable fashion. I appreciate the time and effort you put into presenting the subject."

Thomas Youngs, Jr., C.P.M, CPPO
Chief Purchasing Officer
County of Allegheny

"Al Borowski spoke to the Pittsburgh Chapter of the American Society of Women Accountants on the topic of 'Beyond E-mail Netiquette - setting Standards for Success.'

The presentation was very well received and thoroughly enjoyed by all of our members and guests who were in attendance.

Al is a dynamic speaker and kept the audience engages at all times. His every day examples of how to put his tips to use were effective - I know, I was using several the very next day.

Since May, quite a few members ranked Al's presentation as one of their favorites of the program year.

I would encourage any organization that uses e-mail to share this presentation with their members or employees. Al has the recommendation of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the American Society of Women Accountants."

Danell R. Cooper,
Program Chair


Business Writing That
Means Business

Then and now

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Business Writing.

Business Writing today calls for effective proposals, letters, memos, business plans and emails.

Is Your Business Writing Holding You Back?

Take this quick test. In your mind or on paper, rewrite the following sentences to make them clear, concise, complete, correct, and conversational.

"I am appreciative of all you hard work."

"With this situation, there is involved an apparent reorganization of all fifteen departments in the company."

"In a report to the company president, it was disclosed that profits were low and costs of sales were high."

"Our manager made a recommendation that we sell the returned goods for half price."

"It is therefore incumbent upon all employees to put forth their best efforts to overcome the minor problems that beset our company."

Check your results.

Does your approach come close to the clear, concise, powerful writing that saves time, gets better results and projects an image of a truly effective communicator?

Each example contains at least three common errors that produce lengthy, ineffective, time-wasting sentences. Did you identify all three in each sentence?

Click here and complete the form and you will receive a detailed explanation of the errors in each sentence. And, you will receive suggested ways you might have changed the sentences to make them shorter and more powerful.

Improve your Business Writing. Select the educational strategy that works best for you or your organization.

Breakout or Department Meetings
(90 minute or three-hour sessions)

The Next E-mail You Send Could Cost You Dearly!

The Top Ten Ways To Smash Writer's Block

Powerful Editing - Positive Results

The Five Greatest Secrets of Successful Business Writing

Writing Proposals That Sell

(One, two or three day sessions)

How To Get It Write When You Write

Writing Proposals That Sell

The Next E-mail You Send Could Cost You Dearly!

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The Next E-mail You Send Could Cost You Dearly!

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The Next E-mail You Send Could Cost You Dearly!

The Next E-mail You Send Could Cost You Dearly!

Articles for your Newsletter

Beware the Red Pen Power Rangers

Your Business Writing Should Match Your Personality

The Proper Use of Voice Mail and E-mail Promotes Customer Service

Pittsburgh Business Times Article featuring Al Borowski
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Communications Skills

Business Writing is in
Al Borowski's DNA.

Check out his
mother's background.

Business Writing workshop leader, Al Borowski

Business Writing made fun and easy!

Al Borowski, MEd, CSP, PP
Certified Speaking Professional
Professor of Positivity

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The Communication Skills involved in sales, telephone skills, customer service, presentation skillswriting business letters, listening skills, effective email  and training the trainer come together when Al Borowski helps you Connect All The Dots. Al's high energy, content-rich, fun-filled presentations help business professionals get the complete picture when they speak, listen or write.

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