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Al Borowski, MEd, CSP, PP  Business Writing Expert

Dear Friend,

If you'd like to eliminate 99% of the competition you face in your job search, position yourself in front of the right person to discuss what you offer and get an interview faster and easier than the traditional résumé and cover letter route, then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read.


   Al Borowski, MEd, CSP, PP  Business Writing Expert


Before you read any further, please click  the arrow on the audio link at the end of this sentence to hear a 90 second introduction from your host, Al Borowski.

Still not convinced? Listen to the following audio segment where Al explains five reasons why so many people don't get results from résumés and cover letters.

Résumés and Cover Letters don't work!

You already know that.

You've already spent weeks, months, maybe years, doing the networking, scouring the newspapers, filling out online applications and calling endless human resource departments, all to no avail.

Are you finally tired and frustrated because you invest all that time and effort to create and send out résumés and cover letters, and you receive little satisfaction?

Are you ready to crawl out of the rut?

Résumés and cover letters don't work!  

Let me give you five reasons why they don't work.

1. Picture this. Every day, the Post Office delivers tractor-trailer loads of résumés and cover letters to the docks of companies who may (or may not) have positions open.

Tractor trailer loads may be an exaggeration but I'm sure most of you know companies receive hundred of résumés for each position they have open.

If you submit your résumé to on-line job search sites,  imagine how many others are doing the same thing. Picture your material arriving in one of those tractor-trailers and sitting on the dock.

Think about that. Every single one of those résumés is competition for you. Would you like to eliminate 99.99% of that competition?

2. Most of those résumés and cover letters are addressed to Human Resources. As you will discover in this program, HR is the last place you want to send your information. Not the first, the last place.

3. If your résumé does make its way to the human resources department, it will undergo a mechanical, not a human process.

Human Resource departments now have software packages that scan your résumé looking to see if certain words are or are not on that résumé. Human eyes may never see your résumé.

When the software finds or does not find certain items on your résumé, it kicks it out and your resume joins the rest of the résumés bound for destinations unknown.

Sending a résumé and cover letter to human resources is like condemning it to a life in the Black Hole. Do you want to avoid the software syndrome?

4. Sending a résumé and a cover letter insults the intelligence of the person receiving it. Do you know what a cover letter says? A cover letter says, "Hey stupid, there's a résumé under here."

Stop sending résumés and cover letters. You have the intelligence, experience, and education to recognize a better way of approaching a prospective employer. Or, if you are sick and tired of the corporate rat race and want to start your own business as a  consultant, you need to know how to create a powerful Marketing letter to introduce your new business to your clients.

5. Studies and statistics show that less than 7% of all white-collar jobs come as a result of a résumé and cover letter. You already know the number one way of getting a new job – you're already doing it. Networking is the best way to find a new job.

But, what you do after the networking to make the initial contact is the most important step you can take. Don't blow it sending a résumé and cover letter.

Don't blame the Human Resources department. 

HR people are terrific people who are hopelessly over-worked, under-staffed, under-appreciated and underpaid. 

In many instances, they are the glue that holds a company together and in other instances, the bearers of bad tidings when employees must be let go.

Recruiting, screening and interviewing are only a few of many important responsibilities of HR professionals. They also oversee compensation and benefits administration, EEOC compliance, governmental regulations, legal compliance and employee/employer issues. That's a lot for one department and sometimes one person to handle.

That's why many of them are now unemployed, either by company decision or personal choice. Rather than cope with corporate pressure, workload or apathy, many HR professionals have struck out on their own offering their talents, experience and specialties as HR consultants. Many companies are happy to outsource HR jobs to reduce headcount and overhead while still maintaining the availability of HR services.

Are you getting some idea of why I recommend not sending your résumés and cover letters to HR?

Are you ready to try something different?

Are you willing to try something that has proven to be a more effective way of opening doors to new jobs and new careers?

Business writing expert, author, and professional speaker, Al Borowski, will share a different approach that will help you sell yourselves. Résumés and cover letters tell. Marketing Letters sell.

Don't just tell people what a good employee you will make. That's what everybody does.

You need to sell yourself to a prospective employer on how that company will benefit from hiring you.

Now wait! Don't panic. Don't tell me that you don't know how to sell. I can prove to you that you can and will, if you follow the strategies I will share with you about creating a powerful, dynamic and effective marketing letter.

Let's look at what Marketing Letters can do for you.

1. Eliminate 99% of the competition you face for your position

2. Put you in front of the right person to discuss what you offer that company

3. Prevent your information from being deleted if you send it as an e-mail attachment

4. Increases the chances you may never have to update your resume again. (Unless you want to)

5. Get you a
n interview faster and easier than the traditional resume and cover letter route

A marketing letter can make all the difference, and I will show you how to do it right.

Here's what Get That Interview Faster! includes:

  • A one hour Digital Download or e-book that explains a step-by-step approach for creating a one-page marketing letter that sells you rather than a cover letter and résumé that proves you are no different than anyone else.
  • A four-page handout that allows you to follow along with the audio portion of the program and activities for you to complete that will help you bring out the best of you on paper.
  • Personal consultation with writing expert, Al Borowski on your first draft.

In this system, you will learn:

  • A three-step formula that separates you from the competition

  • How to create an Opening to your Marketing Letter guaranteed to attract the reader's attention and keep that decision maker reading (HINT: Most people start their Marketing Letters or Cover Letters talking about themselves. Wrong approach!)

  • The best way to present the best of you

  • Five strategies that help you write compelling reasons why that company needs you

  • Seven writing tips that help you create a powerful, positive image of who you are and why that company can't do without you

Let me be perfectly clear!

A good Marketing Letter is not going to get you a new job. A good Marketing Letter focuses on getting you an interview with the correct decision maker, who knows, understands and appreciates your talents, experience and skills.

Notice what I said - an interview with a decision maker - not a Personnel recruiter or a Human Resources person. Your new position depends on your interviewing skills. A Marketing Letter increases the chances that you will get that interview by targeting the right person, and that's not someone in Human Resources.

Hey, even if you have sent your résumé and cover letter to HR, you can still send a Marketing Letter to the correct decision maker in that company.

I will show you how to put that Marketing Letter together and how to target that correct decision maker. 

Do you want to Get That Interview Faster!?

Is the rest of your life worth $97.00?  

You spend more than that sending out useless résumés and cover letters.

Switch to a strategy that is guaranteed to work or you get your money back!

If you order now, the
Digital Download or the E-book,  is only $97.00

Or, order both the Digital Download  and the E-book,  for only $107.00.

Check out what this offer includes:

If you are willing to take advantage of this offer now,  I will personally review the first draft of your brand new Marketing Letter to ensure you have followed my instructions correctly.

Not only will I review it based on the intent and content of what a Marketing Letter should be, I will evaluate your writing style to ensure you haven't under-written or over-written it.

I normally charge $50.00 for evaluating the first draft and $25.00 each for any follow-up drafts. You get the first draft reviewed free if you order now.

And, to help you create effective e-mails, you will receive, at no cost, my $17.00  E-book, The Next E-mail You Send Could Cost You Dearly!

If you plan to send your marketing letters electronically, you need to read this book first.

If you plan to follow up on your marketing letter via e-mail, you need to read this book first.

If you plan to use e-mail in the job you get as a result of your great marketing letter, you need to read this book.

And, you will receive, at no cost, the hard copy version of my book,
How To Get It Right When You Write
, and one complimentary pass to any Al Borowski TeleSeminar or  Webinar.

In your new position, you will need to prove that your impressive Marketing Letter was not a fluke. Using these three Communication Improvement Tools, you will learn how to use your written and oral communication skills to turn your job into a rewarding career.

Jobs are built on your subject matter expertise. Careers are built on how well you can communicate your vast knowledge.

I'm not sure how long I can hold out my offer to review your first draft for free. I may have to pull that offer if I get totally swamped.

Let's add up the value you receive for your investment of only $97.00 or $107.00, if you order the audio and e-book combination.

1.    The Marketing Letter  - Digital Download or E-book,             Value    $97.00

2.    A review of the first draft of your first Marketing Letter         Value    $50.00

3.    The Next E-mail You Send Could Cost You Dearly! E-book    Value    $17.00

4.    How To Get It Right When You Write  (hard copy)                  Value    $27.00

5.    One Al Borowski Webinar                                                             Value    $49.95

                           Total Value of this package                        $240.95

Still not convinced?

Listen to a two minute sample of the dozens of ideas you will learn with this information packed system.

You can't lose with our 100%, ironclad, money back guarantee.

By the way, the book and e-book are yours to keep even in the unlikely event you decide to take advantage of our ironclad money back guarantee:

Al's Crazy Guarantee!

Normally, I advertise a 90 day, unconditional 100% money-back guarantee. Why 90 days?

Hey, if you're not sending Marketing Letters rather than résumés and cover letters within one week of receiving my materials, you're probably not serious about getting that new job, starting a new career, or beginning your new business.

That means you shouldn't have ordered this product in first place. So, I'll be happy to give your money back if you haven't done anything with it in the first 90 day's.

But, hey, these are tough times and things happen. So I'm willing to extend my 100% guarantee to six months.

Why not a year? Why would you want to take so long to get your money back? If you don't see the immediate value in this product within the first week, you probably may not think asking for your money back is worth your time and effort.

Remember what this guarantee covers. It really covers your agreement with the concept that Marketing Letters will work better for you than résumés and cover letters, especially when you see how simple this system and its strategies are.

That's all this agreement covers. I am not guaranteeing you a new job. I am guaranteeing you that your chances of getting an interview for a job will increase dramatically using Marketing Letters rather than résumés and cover letters.

You still carry the responsibility for presenting yourself well in the interview.

You don't have to decide now if this idea will work for you. Just get it and try it. If it doesn't do everything I say and more, if it doesn't make any sense to you, just let me know and I'll give you every cent of your money back! So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Here's how to order right now!

To order Get That Interview Faster! just click on the product format you prefer to start eliminating your competition in the job market.

Get That Interview Faster!      Click for Digital Download Format            $97.00

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Get That Interview Faster!       Click here to order both                           $107.00

To your success,

Al Borowski, CEO

P.S. You need to order now. Your time, money effort and you next job are at stake.

Plus, I don't know how long I will be able offer to evaluate and comment on the first draft of your first Marketing Letter. My speaking and training calendar can fill up tomorrow.

If my speaking schedule fills up, I may not be able to review your first draft, but I know this system will work for you.

P.P.S. Why wait? Why send a résumé and cover letter that will compete with hundreds, maybe thousand of other resumes and cover letters when you can eliminate 99% of your competition by sending a Marketing Letter to the correct person who can hire you?

P.P.P.S. Remember to send me that endorsement when you get your new job.

Eliminate your competition now!

Get That Interview Faster!

To order Get That Interview Faster! just click on the product format you prefer to start eliminating your competition in the job market.

Get That Interview Faster!      Click for Digital Download Format            $97.00

Get That Interview Faster!       Click here for E-book Format                    $97.00

Get That Interview Faster!       Click here to order both                           $107.00

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