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Your Las Vegas convention needs the expertise of business email author, speaker and trainer, Al Borowski,

The Next Email You Send Could Cost You Dearly!

Discover how you can become an E-mail Expert!Really!

Learn the Top Ten E-mail Tips You Won't find on any
Top Ten list on the Web or in any Book.

E-mail is here to stay. Use it as a valuable business tool rather than daily task.

E-mail is quickly becoming one of the bigger drains on corporate productivity and profitability.

Ineffective, improper and incorrect use of employee e-mail on company computers exposes organizations to wasted time, bad press and the possibility of legal action from seemingly innocent forms of electronic communication.

Even organizations with policies on employee use of company computers can lose time, money and reputations when employees send e-mail messages. Understanding aspects of using the worldwide web that are not covered in your policy might keep your organization out of the court room.

Your knowledge of and attention to e-mail etiquette can save you money, make you money or protect your money. Leading your employees through the uncertainty of correct E-mail Etiquette means more than circulating a list of ten ideas displayed on a website.

Learn what the drains on corporate productivity are, where they occur and how you can stop them.

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The Proper Use of Voice Mail and E-mail Promotes Customer Service

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Communications Skills

One Day or Two Day Programs

Let Al put his vast experience and unique style to work for you.

He brings more than twenty years of communication experience to his action packed, highly interactive workshops. He has trained more than 15,000 participants as a seminar leader for The American
Management Association, Dun & Bradstreet, Penn State University,
and Robert Morris University.

Al works with companies who want their employees to communicate clearly and with people who want more impact in their presentations. He helps people save time, get better results and have fun when they speak, write or listen.

You can select from one or two day workshops, and, standard or custom programs. Participants receive a Workshop Manual that becomes a reference resource as part of the program.

Al Borowski, MEd, CSP, PP
Certified Speaking Professional
Professor of Positivity

Connect all the Dots
PO Box 24505
Pittsburgh, PA 15234
877-902-3314 Toll Free
412-561-7035 Fax
Contact Al
business email author, speaker and trainer, Al Borowski, is a member of National Speakers Association business email author, speaker and trainer, Al Borowski, is a member of International Listening Association business email author, speaker and trainer, Al Borowski, is a Certified Speaking Professional
business email author, speaker and trainer, Al Borowski

Seek knowledge. Pursue Wisdom. Share the wealth.

The Communication Skills involved in sales, telephone skills, customer service, presentation skillswriting business letters, listening skills, effective email  and training the trainer come together when Al Borowski helps you Connect All The Dots. Al's high energy, content-rich, fun-filled presentations help business professionals get the complete picture when they speak, listen or write.

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